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Scientists find out ‘Adam’, single man origin and he being from the Middle East, as religions maintained

Pangea (Img:

Pangea (Img:

After numerous years of wasteful Darwinist racist scientific expensive research and erroneous mis-teaching in schools, scientists have finally accepted the single origin, one man= ‘Adam’, ancestor from the Middle East near Ethiopia, origin story that the religions upheld stubbornly yet confidently despite seeming overwhelming scientific evidence against it through the tormenting years of scientists ignorance.

Scientists/evolutionists used to theorize a racist multi-origin ancestor evolutionary story, with man, black and white having separate origins and ancestors having evolved separately from different ‘baboons’ in different parts of the world.

With the discovery of a much older than ever expected already well developed lucy in Ethiopia, scientists were forced to dump their multi-origin racist theory, and also their chronology was all reset to accomodate this finding which was consistent with what religions maintained, which is,- one Adam(Single ancestor) from Jerusalem/Palestine, which borders on Ethiopia and in the Pangea is the same continent and region. See Ethiopia and Jerusalem on Pangea map.

It is called, RSOH, guess what that means…’Recent Single Origin Hypothesis’. I burst out laughing, because what is recent for scientists, is the oldest fact the religionists have had, and tried to steer them towards for decades.

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