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Suggested research- ‘Benefits of awakening to meditate during the third stage of sleep’

A recent study by Dr. Esra Tasali, an assistant professor of medicine, found that disrupting the deepest sleep periods rapidly resulted in reduction in ability to regulate blood-sugar levels.

The findings are reported in Monday’s online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. [1]

The stages of sleep can be seen here-

sleep cycle

The beginning 2/3rds has the most deep sleep during which we should not be disturbed as the study found, but the later 1/3rd we notice the sleep doesn’t go so deep any more and cycles stop at stage 2 and REM (Rapid Eye movement). Deep sleep is perhaps the most vital stage, as it is the first stage that the brain attempts to recover when we are sleep deprived. If we do not get adequate deep sleep, we experience the strongest effects of sleep deprivation.

Deep sleep allows the brain to rest and restore the energy we expend during our waking hours. Blood flow decreases to the brain in this stage, and redirects itself tos the muscles, restoring physical energy. Research also shows that immune functions increase during deep sleep.

REM sleep, or dream sleep, is also very important. This stage is associated with processing emotions, retaining memories, and relieving stress. [2]

Interestingly in Islam, the prophet Mohammed recommended waking up during this third stage of sleep, not the deep earlier 2/3rds, but after us sleeping till that third stage, to pray and meditate. [3]

I hereby predict and suggest with certainty, research toward proving the benefits of awakening during this 3rd NREM/ non deep sleep stage, to pray and/or meditate.

Expected conclusions are that this habit if practiced over time may accentuate and enhance the re-invigorative properties of the first stages of sleep, and further increase the benefits of these sleep stages, possibly prolonging the time spent in deep sleep in the first stages in people who practice waking to meditate, and enhancing the anti-diabetes property of the strengthened early sleep.





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