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Religion first (and only) cloned man, still scientists biggest and most elusive dream

Dolly the Sheep (img:

Dolly the Sheep (img:

What is cloning? Cloning is a rather recent scientific development, 20th century to be precise, whereby Scientists take stem cells from long bones, ribs and other good pro-gentitor cell sources, and nurture these into a new organism.

A good use of this ultra modern technology, is that we should be able to modify these stem cells to correct defects or change characteristics of the new repro-being. Since dolly, sheep, horses etc have been cloned, but man can not yet clone man. His biggest quest eludes him, scientists lack the capability.

Amazingly, the religion story taught man cloning. The first story of Adam and Eve has cloning in its best scientific definition.

The creator made Adam, a first man. Now, assuming the process of making man from organic matter took numerous stages over an evolutionary so to speak extended period. The best most logical way that scientists today if they made man, would make a partner for man, is by cloning from stem cells from long bones…or ribs, and making a few changes, the most simple changes would be deletions on/of chromosomes whereby you don’t make mutations and/or anything new really. A simple most reasonable way would be- deleting a ‘Y’ chromosome, and simply doubling the existing ‘X’ chromosome…to make this partner.

Does this tale read familiar?

Yes, the Eve story is a perfect idea introducer and instruction manual for scientists today on cloning. It’s so perfect it is the easiest way to teach the principles of cloning in schools.
– Get an Adam, take stem cells from his rib, make genetic modifications, simply by deleting the ‘Y’ chromosome and duplicating the already present ‘X’ chromosome. And voila, you have a female clone of man. The Creator could do it
, but sorry, scientists have tried their best but do not have the keys to man cloning, their limit is animals that do not have souls.

So you see, the end and final goal of science is the beginning of religion.

How does this make you feel?

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