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Religions demostrated and prescribed extended breast feeding, early marriage and births and many children, science finally catches on


“…Previous studies have shown that giving birth before age 25 and having many children protects against certain types of breast cancers, while delayed childbirth is associated with a higher risk of breast cancer…The most important finding of the new study is that breastfeeding seems to lower the risk of developing breast cancer that comes from having children later in life…”

As expected, and as the Prophets recommended. It’s so easy to live long and well, just obey the prophets, Quran, Bible, hadith etc. So easy, without waiting for slow, expensive, many a times retarded science.

Quran: Allah said, “The mothers shall give suckling to their children for two whole years.” (Al-Baqarah: 233)

The religions confidently preached early marriages, large families (this is certain in Islam) and lengthy breast feeding- 2 years. We notice Mary married and had Jesus very young, 11-16 years, and the prophet of Islam, Muhammed(P) too in his later years demonstrated marriage to a young mature girl…2

About early marriage. Is there an age limit?

The million dollar question is- Why delay, what’s the justification (other than maturity, physical and mental) and criteria for selecting a date/age when a woman can marry after she hits puberty? If a woman must not marry till say age 16, 17 or 18, why does God(Nature) make her fertile and give her eggs? Why does fertility self regulate and women’s menarche already vary automatically with environment and nutrition? Is this self regulation not already automated, when did it become mans duty to fix an age? We understand this is a good thing to do to avoid exploitation, but everyone must know that this choice is not backed by science, Nature or any religion. Nature has it that girls mature faster than men, and from Birth/as little infants they ‘play house’, they practice raising a family of dolls, feeding, bathing them etc. A woman is born with this skill, and though the western society education system makes it reasonable she waits to acquire professional independence. This is a choice and not a rule. And it actually puts females at greater risk, in addition to breast cancer, of more indecency, deadly STD’s, single parenthood, ‘bastard’ unfairly born children, etc.

Islam takes breastfeeding so seriously, the article referenced below goes further to say:

If the mother is not divorced, she should breastfeed her child as a religious obligation, not because she is the natural mother. If she is divorced, then nursing is dealt with as nafaqah (financial support), as established in the Shari`ah. Nafaqah of the child is the father’s responsibility. The father must give the mother compensation for her nursing. If she refuses to nurse, then it is incumbent upon the father to find and hire the child a wet-nurse. However, scholars make it mandatory upon the mother to nurse her child if the child refuses nursing by any other or if the father doesn’t have sufficient funds to hire a wet-nurse.

Islam refs:


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