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Science finds God/the One!

NewsWeek: Science Finds God

NewsWeek: Science Finds God

Science has discovered all properties of God as known and preached by religions. Initially when religions proposed properties and attributes like- ‘Omniscience’, ‘Omnipotence’ and ‘Omnipresence’, science refused to understand that these properties were practical. Albert Einsteins theory that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but only converted, was a beginning of science dealing with the possibilities outside their usual realm. If energy can not be created, how/where did energy one, alpha energy come about?

With modern quantum physics discovery, science has recently to their amazement experienced photons exhibiting the the ‘omni’ properties. So with their belief in the Big bang, that all was one, and all is still that one. And their knowing that all energy is one energy, nothing new added. And now their appreciation of particles having omni abilities. What’s left?

This YouTube video shows a clear picture of this-

YouTube Omni ability Video:

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