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Scientists find fountain of youth remedy…oh it’s ‘fasting’, promoted for ages by the religions


At last scientists think they have found the fountain of youth drug. And what is it? Well it is ‘fasting’. The simple format the religions have recommended for centuries. These scientists are spending millions to put a few of the benefits of fasting in an expensive pill. I say as the religions say, ‘just fast’, it’s cheaper, healthier, surer and has more benefits.

Excerpt from the multi-billion $ research lab featured on CNN and other media stations leading this study-
“…Sirtris pharmaceutical company has created a drug, SRT501, a proprietary formulation of reservation a compound found in red grapes and red wine, with improved bioavailability. SRT501 is the first small molecule to enter human clinical trials that is designed to activate SIRT1. These drug tests are expected to yield ‘fountain of youth’ drugs that will prolong life, by their effect on enzymes, sirtuins, which are similarly activated by fasting(caloric restriction)/adversity and improve mitochondrial functioning and cell metabolism, hence prolonging life. “A similar mechanism exists in simpler forms of life, making biologists believe that they are looking at an ancient strategy, formed early in evolution and built into all animals. The strategy allows an organism, when food is scarce, to live longer, postpone reproduction and start breeding when conditions improve”…“chemical or drug that would mimic caloric restriction in people by tripping the same genetic circuitry as a reduced-calorie diet does and give the gain without the pain(of fasting)..”

Watch Yahoo Sirtris lab video on Resveratrol-


“Sirtuins are a recently discovered family of enzymes that promote normal cellular function. In particular, sirtuins improve the function of mitochondria which generate energy in cells. When organisms face adversity, sirtuins are activated as part of a natural process that maintains healthy function. Therefore, sirtuins are attractive drug targets which may be therapeutically beneficial for diseases in which mitochondria are dysfunctional, often observed in diseases of aging. These diseases include metabolic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and other mitochondrial disorders. Sirtuin therapeutics offer the potential for a novel class of drugs that can treat significant diseases of aging in a new way.”


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