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After allowing millions of deaths from AIDS, scientists finally agree with religionists on circumcision

Circumcision reduces the rate of HIV transmission by up to 60%!
Studies proved this in Africa, and hence the World Health Organization met to introduce mass circumcision in Africa. The lack of circumcision in many people from Caribbean descent is part of what’s attributed to the high HIV rate in Brooklyn, New York.

Egyptian Circumcision

Egyptian Circumcision

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Please advise everyone you know to go see a Physician and get this cheap, remarkable new aid against AIDS, which the Muslim, Christian and Jew, surprisingly kept faith in, believing it, if directed by the Creator, was ultimately to their benefit.

28 MARCH 2007 | PARIS/GENEVA — In response to the urgent need to reduce the number of new HIV infections globally, WHO and the UNAIDS Secretariat convened an international expert consultation to determine whether male circumcision should be recommended for the prevention of HIV infection.

Based on the evidence presented, which was considered to be compelling, experts attending the consultation recommended that male circumcision now be recognized as an additional important intervention to reduce the risk of heterosexually acquired HIV infection in men. The international consultation, which was held 6-8 March 2007 in Montreux, Switzerland, was attended by participants representing a wide range of stakeholders, including governments, civil society, researchers, human rights and women’s health advocates, young people, funding agencies and implementing partners.

“The recommendations represent a significant step forward in HIV prevention,” said Dr Kevin De *censored*, Director, HIV/AIDS Department in WHO.

Comparing world maps of circumcision with HIV.


Look at the grey area and the almost lowest HIV prevalence in it in the center above

Look at the yellow corresponding area in the center below.



Virtually all: Chinese, Japanese, North Koreans, Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, Burmese, Thais
Hindu, Sikh, Parsee and Christian Indians
Zulus, Shona, certain other African nations
most Melanesian and some Western Polynesian (Rennell, Bellona) peoples,

The great majority of: Europeans
men of the former Soviet Union
Central and South Americans
New Zealand Maori
Younger men of Britain and the Commonwealth, especially New Zealand and Australia

About half of: Malaysians (Hindu and Christian Tamils, Chinese and Orang Asli)

A significant minority of:
Americans, especially younger, Hispanic, and in the South West
Bangladeshis (20% are Hindu)

About 500,000,000 Muslims
More than 100,000,000 USAmericans
About 25,000,000 Filipini
Some tens of millions of older men of Britain
and the Commonwealth
Some tens of millions of African tribesmen
About 14,000,000 South Koreans
7,000,000 Jews
Some hundreds of thousands of Central and Eastern Polynesians
(Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga, Niue, Tokelau)
and Melanesians (Fiji, Vanuatu, parts of Solomon Islands and small parts of PNG)
Some thousands of aboriginal Australians,
mainly in the north and west.

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